Maxime Bender, 41 years

Municipal Councilor
Director Trifolion Iechternach

Claude Faber, 46 years

Computer Scientist

Jean-Marc Felgen, 57 years

Retired, master electrician

Jerry Magar, 41 years

Professor of Economics / Executive Assistant of the agricultural technical school

Mike Michels, 41 years

Municipal Councilor / Coordinator of the Arcus family home North region

Sarah Nicolay, 38 years

Coach of CFL train support staff

Arsenio Ferreira Rodrigues, 54 years

Driver Zitha / Day centre

Romain Tobes, 45 years

Municipal councilor / Deputy director of the agricultural technical school

Serge Weber, 38 years

Municipal official

Romain Wies, 50 years

Aircraft mechanic at Luxair